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2018 NFL Draft: Texans Select Peter Kalambayi With 214th Pick

The Texans’ draft continues with the selection of Peter Kalambayi in this year’s draft.

2017 US College Football Sydney Cup: Launch
No, I will not provide context here.
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And with the last pick in the sixth round the Texans have taken Peter Kalambayi out of Stanford.

No time for superfluous talk so let’s go right to Zierlein:


Kalambayi is a well-built athlete with adequate strength, above average wingspan and sudden feet who hasn’t been able to match the production to his traits. Kalambayi looks the part and will test well, but his lack of instincts and feel as a pass rusher could leave teams frustrated. His strength at the point of attack and ability to handle and work around edge blockers may be a little bit underrated. Kalambayi has the talent to become a backup 3-4 SAM linebacker and with high-end special teams potential.

His full profile can be found here on—oh you know where I’m sending you.

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