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Predict The Texans’ Starting 2018 Offensive Line

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Step up and take a swing.

New England Patriots v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Entering the offseason, the Texans had two holes they had to pour cement into and seal up on their roster. Offensive line. Secondary. They used the last month to spread money around both position groups, signing Senio Kelemete, Zach Fulton, Seantrel Henderson, Johnson Bademosi, Tyrann Mathieu, and Aaron Colvin. They re-signed Johnathan Joseph and tendered Greg Mancz. With this money slathered around. it no longer looks like Houston will have one of the worst offensive lines or secondaries in football.

Now that things have cooled off like a Coolata in the NFL as teams wait until after the draft to hammer out the rest of the roster, I’m interested in talking about the Texans’ offensive line. They have a lot of players and a lot of opportunities. There are five open spots on the offensive line. Even Nick Martin can’t be locked in because of his injury history and another ankle surgery that was never really reported on.

Currently, the Texans have the following offensive linemen on their roster: Kelemete, Fulton, Martin, Henderson, Mancz, Kyle Fuller, Jeff Allen, Chad Slade, Julie’n Davenport, David Quessenberry, Kendall Lamm, Derek Newton, and Jake Rodgers.

I think Week One 2018, we are going to see Davenport start at left tackle. It really depends on how strong he gets this summer. He has the length, the size, the feet, and the technique to be a starting left tackle; he just needs to inject whey into his veins and push trucks around all summer. If he becomes steel, he should be able to lock down the Texans’ starting left tackle spot.

I like Kelemete to start at left guard. He’s strong. He can make every block, but he isn’t a complete player. There’s always one mistake that derails the majority of his blocks. It’s, dare I say it, Su’a-Filoish. Kelemete and Davenport should complement each other well.

Regardless of past injuries, it’s expected that Martin will be back, so I’m penciling him in as the starting center. This can’t be 100% certain, but it’s more than likely. Martin is a very good center. He’s really active in pass protection, and he can reach the nose tackle play after play. His biggest limitation so far has been his health.

Fulton is better than Kelemete. With the black hole at right tackle, it would be better for him to play on that side. He has a great anchor and lateral slide. I love his feet. He can react to what the defender can do. He takes nice chopping read steps and adjusts accordingly. In the outside zone, Fulton can reach and move the first level. There are some problems at the second level, so he’s a perfect Texans’ offensive lineman. He isn’t a good puller, but we all can’t be great at everything. I really like Fulton. He’s going to be very good for the Texans this year.

At right tackle, I have no idea. I’m not buying this Henderson thing yet. He hasn’t played in two years. Fine. Give him a low risk contract and take a guess at some talent, but if he wasn’t a Texan, no one would know anything about him or expect him to contribute whatsoever. Instead, I think the Texans will probably end up trading into the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft and taking a tackle. Or someone will emerge from the pit as the last survivor to play this position. As of right now, Houston’s offensive line seems strangely settled, except for this position.

My question for you is who do you think is going to be starting on the Texans’ offensive line in 2018?