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Houston Texans Sign Their 2018 NFL Draft Class

The newest Texans become official members of the team right before rookie camp begins.

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Earlier this afternoon, the Houston Texans signed their first third round pick, Justin Reid. The safety from Stanford was locked into a four-year contract to play football in Houston. Now, as of 26 minutes ago, the rest of the Texans’ draft class has been locked up.

As reported by Aaron Wilson, Jermaine Kelly signed a four-year contract.

Duke Ejiofor also signed a four-year contract.

Jordan Thomas signed a four-year contract.

Peter Kalambayi signed a four-year contract.

Keke Coutee signed a four-year contract.

Jordan Akins and Martinas Rankin signed, you guessed it, four-year contracts as well.

The formalities are over. The Texans’ 2018 draft picks are now under contract, just in time for rookie camp.