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Video: “There’s Nothing [Deshaun Watson] Can’t Do!”

The Texans’ QB has made people sit up and take notice.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texan
Watson Calling Out a Home Run
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

I’ll be the first to admit there’s a lot I can’t do.

If you’re honest with yourself, there’s a lot you can’t do either.

Thankfully, we have Deshaun Watson on the Houston Texans, and there’s “nothing he can’t do” according to former Texans backup quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Dan Orlovsky.

Now, let’s be and I, we can probably do a lot more than Dan Orlovsky. I mean he is the guy responsible for one of the worst QB plays in NFL history:

But that doesn’t mean we should discount his opinion, especially when it’s obviously one of sheer genius (and he isn’t being chased by Jared Allen while he’s voicing it).

Hopefully, when Orlovsky says “nothing he can’t do,” he isn’t implying that Watson can also run out of the back of his own end zone with the ball... although Watson could, if he wanted to...or had no earthly idea where he was on the field...or didn’t understand what a safety was...or was so deathly afraid of a defensive lineman that he let the fear of getting crippled while wearing a Detroit Lions uniform make him decide losing two points and possession of the ball was worth the infamy of a video only eclipsed by Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble.

Do you agree with Dan? Can’t wait for Watson to take the field again? Just love watching Orlovsky sack himself for two points? Fill us in.