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Where Does The Texans’ Quarterback Situation Rank Against The Rest Of The NFL?

Let’s get upset.

New York Yankees v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Loyal reader, I am going to prepare you. This is a bad list. It’s a very dumb list.

Yesterday, USA Today ranked every team’s quarterback situation from 32nd to 1st. In this article, it went from the Denver Broncos to the Green Bay Packers. On this list were the Texans of course. They ranked 26th.

26. Houston Texans

This is probably the biggest surprise on the list. But Deshaun Watson’s tape is full of red flags and tearing an ACL for a second time should be a major concern for the Texans. An even bigger concern: The possibility of Brandon Weeden starting football games if Watson isn’t back for Week 1.

The entire list is filled with wrong information. EJ Manuel isn’t a solid backup. Ryan Tannehill isn’t underrated and [NAME REDACTED] is 100% going to play snaps for the Dolphins this year. Kyle Lauletta isn’t a long time starter in this league. Andrew Luck still isn’t throwing a football.

For Houston specifically, Watson will be back for Week One. I don’t know what red flags were in Watson’s tape aside from some dumb mistakes, like interceptable passes that were dropped, that rookie quarterbacks make. Yes, I still am a little wary because his touchdown rate is unsustainable, but the makings are all here for Watson to continue to be a great quarterback, something much more than a small sample size wonder. And yeah, Brandon Weeden being the backup is still a nauseating thought, but if the defense is healthy this year, they should be able to survive for a bit if something was to happen to Watson.

But 26th! If I cared about things like this, I would be upset. But I don’t care. I don’t really care about anything.

But 26th! The Texans don’t have an ideal quarterback situation. That would be the case if there was a great veteran with an interesting young player, or a great young player with a previously successful backup. Admittedly, Houston doesn’t have this. I would rank them outside the top ten, but ahead of teams like the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and Kansas City Chiefs, all of whom are somehow ranked ahead of Houston on this list.