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Houston Texans News: A New Personnel Director Is Hired, Treston Decoud To Safety, Brian Cushing To Visit Raiders

A lot of little things happened yesterday.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Yesterday, a lot of little things happened with the Houston Texans. Bits and pieces of news leaked out as the wheel keeps spinning. I guess the wheel is a clock.

A few days after hiring a new scouting director, the Texans hired a new personnel director. I don’t know what a personnel director is. I don’t know what a Matt Bazirgan is. All I know is he came from the Jets, and this hire came after the Texans fired their assistant general manager/vice president of player personnel Jimmy Raye. Oh, and of course Bazirgan has a blue collar work ethic.

The second bit of news is that Treston Decoud has moved from cornerback to safety.

If you forgot, Decoud was a late round pick from Oregon State who was mostly injured in college. When he did play, he was a tall cornerback who didn’t play enough to tell if he was any good or not. You had to root for Decoud, though. He overcame a ton to make it to the big leagues. However, I think this move to safety means the end is coming for him in Houston this summer. The Texans have four safeties ahead of him on the depth chart, even if safety may be a better position for a tall defensive back who doesn’t run all that well. Unless there is a possible accompanying move of Andre Hal to cornerback, this seems like a regressive move for Decoud. The end is probably near for the Decoud Era at NRG Park.

The last one is that Brian Cushing has made some visits since being released by Houston. He already checked in with his old college coach in Seattle and recently visited Oakland to explore the possibility of signing with the Raiders.

Cushing would be perfect in Oakland. The Raiders have already assembled a 2007 Sedona-time vortex roster. That black macabre face paint would match Cushing perfectly, and the Raiders love middle linebackers who can’t cover the pass. I really hope this one happens.

UPDATE: The Raiders signed Derrick Johnson, so Cushing’s not signing with the Raiders. He’s not even visiting them after all.