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Who Is Your Favorite 2018 Houston Texans Undrafted Rookie Free Agent?

Long live Vyncint Smith.

Wisconsin Badgers v Tennessee Volunteers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The 2018 NFL Draft has been all over and done with. You know the names. Martinas Rankin. Justin Reid. Keke Coutee. In addition to those selected in the draft are the undrafted players who chose to sign with Houston. At the conclusion of the Texans’ draft, they reportedly signed:

  • Andre Chachere, CB, San Jose State
  • Lavon Coleman, RB, Washington
  • Jaryd Jones-Smith, OL, Pitt
  • Anthony Coyle, OL, Fordham
  • Kingsley Opara, DL, Maryland
  • Vyncint Smith, WR, Limestone College
  • Terry Swanson, RB, Toledo
  • Trevor Daniel, P, Tennessee
  • K.J. Malone, OL, LSU
  • Devin Bellamy, DB, Georgia
  • Davin Coleman, RB, Washington
  • Mason Gentry, DE, Southern Methodist
  • Jester Weah, WR, Pit

Most of these players will never be heard from again. They’ll be quickly snipped once July rolls around and training camp begins. Regardless, there’s something to be said about chasing a dream trying to grind out some sort of practice squad placement, and earning the right to earn a modest (by professional athlete standards) living to run the opponent’s plays.

After going through the list and sniffing around these guys, I’m hoping for Vyncint Smith to earn that right. He’s my guy. I like how he rearranges Vincent into a way I’ve never seen it before. Limestone College reminds me of Granite Shoals, a tiny central Texas town around Lake LBJ. His highlight tape rocks. He just runs fades right past defensive backs. He runs straight down the sideline. He doesn’t really run routes. It’s like if Jaelen Strong was actually good. Oh, and even Lance Z had some nice things to say.

Traits-based prospect with outstanding combination of size, speed, and explosiveness to make a team, but lacking in the fundamentals to contribute early on. Smith should be able to improve his route-work quickly, but improving ball skills and instincts will be a more difficult challenge for whoever takes him on the third day of the draft. Smith’s traits could lead him to a role of field-stretcher with underneath routes to complement that role. He’s a better athlete than receiver at this point and could take a couple of years to develop.

Long live Vyncint Smith. I’m hoping he makes it through the summer time cuts and finds a spot in Houston.

What about you? Is there anyone on this list that intrigues you, or is there someone you are rooting for?