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The Film Room: The Titans Are Going To Be A Problem In 2018

Like...a big, BIG problem.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Like most Texans fans, I rather enjoy when our division rivals are down in the dumps. The easier it is for Houston to make a deep playoff run, the happier I am during those crisp fall months. So when looking at this year’s schedule to come up with a realistic estimate for a win total, I’m sure you all felt the same genuine horror that I did when looking at that seemingly overwhelming sixteen-game gauntlet. Someway, somehow, in the span of just two years, it has become unbelievably difficult to win this damn division.

The Jaguars are of course still the Jaguars - elite on defense and packing a lethal ground game. The Colts still (maybe) have Andrew Luck and a revamped offensive line that should be the best in the division. The Texans, when healthy, are probably one of elite teams in the entire league and can be dominant on both sides of the ball. And the Titans...well...the Titans are perhaps the team that everyone should be most worried about, because the only obstacle that roster previously had to being legitimate threats was their inept coaching staff.

Mike Mularkey and “his guys” are now gone of course, and replacing them in 2018 is a whole new cast of young, hungry coaches that come from some of the best legacies in NFL history. That young staff, and their likely transformation of the Titans from “pretender” to “contender”, is the subject of this week’s edition of The Film Room. I’m sure that this episode will not sit well with most Texans fans - hell, it didn’t even sit well with me and I made the damn thing - but the sooner we accept that the AFC South is no longer a terrible division, the sooner we can prepare for the inevitable heavyweight fight that’s in front of us.

And believe’s going to be one hell of a fight.