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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: What Will The Texans’ 2018 Regular Season Record Be?

Taking the pulse of the Texans’ fan base shortly a little more than a month before training camp begins.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We engaged in this annual rite of tomfoolery right after the 2018 regular season schedule was released, but that was before free agency and the NFL Draft. While feelings may change during training camp and the preseason, it’s fair to say that we have more data and a better idea of what the 2018 Houston Texans will look like in mid-June than we did in mid-April.

To that end, I invite you to predict anew, Texans fans. How do you see things going for the good guys in the fact of this regular season slate? Kindly drop some knowledge below.

I’ll get things started...

@ Patriots: L.

@ Titans: W.

Giants: W.

@ Colts: W.

Cowboys (SNF): W.

Bills: W.

@ Jaguars: L.

Dolphins (TNF): W.

@ Broncos: L.


@ Redskins: W.

Titans (MNF): W.

Browns: W.

Colts: W.

@ Jets: W.

@ Eagles: L.

Jaguars: L.

That’s 11-5, with a 4-2 mark in the AFC South. Of the predicted wins, I’m shakiest on Week Two in Tennessee and Week Fifteen against the Jets in New Jersey.

Your turn.