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Deshaun Watson Interview: The Texans’ QB Talks To BRB

It’s hard to believe the Texans’ franchise quarterback is only 22 years old.

Kenneth Levy

Yesterday, thanks to Gatorade and the YMCA, we had the supreme privilege of interviewing Deshaun Watson when he visited the Houston Texans YMCA to educate kids about the importance of being hydrated. Although the fields were too wet from the rain to run drills outside, Watson and the YMCA staff created a great atmosphere for the boys and girls indoors. After DW4 spoke to the young athletes in attendance and participated in their drills, he made some time to answer a few of our questions.

Battle Red Blog: Your motto is to “Get 1% better every day.” Where did you come up with that and how did that change your mindset and mentality?

Deshaun Watson: I’ve always had that mindset. It kind of keeps me grounded, keeps me motivated, and just kinda keeps me focused on what I want to achieve and what my dreams are.

BRB: Awesome. Now that you’re in your second year, you’re preparing to be a starter. What is the difference between preparing to be a starter and last year as a rookie preparing to be a backup?

DW: No big difference. Last year, you know, coming in, I was preparing like I was going to be the starter. So there is no difference. That’s why it is kinda a smooth transition, smooth path into year two.

BRB: Your touchdown rate last year was 9.3%, which is the highest since Peyton Manning (in 2004) did it. What does that mean to you and how do you think you can improve on that?

DW: I mean, it’s a cool thing, but I feel like I can be better. Lot of mistakes I had last year. Lot of missed opportunities I had last year. So, kinda just focused on, you know, the details, and executing each and every play, each and every time.

BRB: Your chemistry with DeAndre Hopkins is really important with the Texans this next year. How do you think you can get better communicating with him on the field and reading what the defense is doing, making sure you make the best decision?

DW: Watching film together. Just building that chemistry, getting on the same page and being able to really just communicate. That’s it. Same page and communicate. Go out there and give our 110% each and every play, and we will be fine.

BRB: My last question is now that minicamp is over, what do you plan on doing with the next couple weeks before training camp starts?

DW: Grinding. Continue to grind. Continue to get set. Get some time away. Spend some time with my family and get myself ready for a long season.

Thanks so much to Deshaun Watson and Gatorade’s “Beat the Heat” campaign for putting on such a great educational opportunity for young athletes in Houston.