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What’s The Worst Texans Prediction You’ve Ever Made?

It’s like picking a favorite child.

Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills
I remember being ECSTATIC about the Antoine Caldwell pick and thinking he’d be a ten year fixture on the Texans’ offensive line.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Since BRB opened its virtual doors way back in January of 2007, this site has housed a plethora of predictions about your Houston Texans. As you’d expect, many, many, MANY of those predictions turned out be wrong. And not just wrong, mind you, but absurdly wrong.

I personally have made so many terrible predictions about various players, coaches, games, and/or seasons that I can’t even begin to enumerate them. The good news is that they’re all immortalized here on BRB for anyone to find and mock.

I can’t even pick one that I’d consider the most wrong. When a man declares himself “a HUGE fan” of the team’s decision to re-sign Will Demps, you know his opinions are suspect and should be summarily dismissed with little hesitation.

Enough about my countless misses. I want to know about yours. What would you deem your single worst prediction about the Texans? Let’s compare notes and chuckle at our idiocy.