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Preseason Odds On Who’ll Be The 2019 NFL MVP

Who you got?

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texan Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Like the sun, things are heating up football-wise. Season previews are about to come out. Training camp is on the way. So are odds. Like win totals or projected Super Bowl participants, MVP winners can also be bet on. Bovada has a few Texans on their list of possible NFL MVP candidates, along with the odds for each to win the award.

2018 NFL Regular Season MVP - Odds to Win

Aaron Rodgers: 3/2

Tom Brady: 7/1

Carson Wentz: 19/2

Drew Brees: 15/1

Russell Wilson: 15/1

Jimmy Garoppolo: 20/1

Cam Newton: 20/1

Matt Ryan: 20/1

Deshaun Watson: 20/1

Kirk Cousins: 22/1

Jared Goff: 22/1

Philip Rivers: 22/1

Ben Roethlisberger: 25/1

Derek Carr: 28/1

Andrew Luck: 30/1

Dak Prescott: 30/1

Matthew Stafford: 30/1

Le’Veon Bell: 40/1

Todd Gurley: 40/1

David Johnson: 40/1

Marcus Mariota: 40/1

Antonio Brown: 50/1

Ezekiel Elliott: 50/1

Case Keenum: 50/1

Eli Manning: 50/1

Jameis Winston: 50/1

Patrick Mahomes: 55/1

Saquon Barkley: 60/1

Leonard Fournette: 60/1

Kareem Hunt: 60/1

LeSean McCoy: 60/1

Alex Smith: 60/1

Blake Bortles: 66/1

Alvin Kamara: 66/1

Julio Jones: 70/1

Joe Flacco: 75/1

Mitch Trubisky: 90/1

Andy Dalton: 100/1

Devonta Freeman: 100/1

A.J. Green: 100/1

Rob Gronkowski: 100/1

DeAndre Hopkins: 100/1

J.J. Watt: 100/1

Sam Bradford: 125/1

Nick Foles: 125/1

Tyrod Taylor: 125/1

So Watson has the same odds as Cam Newton and previous MVP winner Matt Ryan at 20/1. DeAndre Hopkins is on the list with J.J. Watt at 100/1. If you’re betting, don’t waste your money on a non-QB; just bet on a quarterback you like heading into this season.

Which of the players listed above present the best bang for your buck?