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Jadeveon Clowney Ranked #32 On NFL’s “Top 100 List”

Nothing but respect for this dude.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Although he didn’t eclipse the double-digit sack mark, NFL players were correct to vote Jadeveon Clowney into the NFL’s Top 100 player list. Clowney came out ranked #32, joining teammates J.J. Watt (No. 84) and Deshaun Watson (No. 50) on the list.

In case you forgot, Clowney is an absolute terror. He’s the smoke monster from Lost. He’s the big fuzzy dog on the liner artwork of Bush’s Sixteen Stone. He’s the monster under the bed. He’s an anthropophagus witch doctor, complete with a shrunken head and a bone stuck through his septum. Opposing offensive tackles hope to be still be intact once they bathe in the light of the locker room after a game across from Clowney.

If you want actual analysis instead of poetry, watch Brett’s “Film Room” on Clowney. If you already have seen it, watch it again.

If you want more joy, here’s the video from the NFL Network that ran after Clowney came in at No. 32 on their Top 100.

Now we all wait for that fat extension to come slathered in wet ink.