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What Do You Expect From D’Onta Foreman In 2018?

He’s coming off a torn Achilles, so expectations less than a year later should be tempered.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Houston Texans
Right before it happened.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

D’Onta Foreman, in the midst of an encouraging rookie campaign, tore his Achilles on November 19, 2017 during the Texans’ victory over the Arizona Cardinals. That’s a devastating injury for anyone, especially a professional athlete. You’ve no doubt heard and read countless stories about how tough the road back is from a torn Achilles, complete with speculation that Foreman, like many other athletes who came before him, won’t be the same player he was before the injury.

The Texans, however, at least publicly, are optimistic. Aaron Wilson reports that the team is actually hopeful that Foreman “...will make a full recovery before the start of the regular season.”

Far be it for me to doubt Foreman’s work ethic or desire to get back on the field, but that seems nuts to me. It’s been less than six months since Foreman tore his Achilles. The regular season is about three months away. Is it reasonable to think Foreman can make a “full recovery” in less than nine months? Is it even reasonable to expect him to contribute to the Texans in 2018?

Given the timing of his injury—November of 2017—I don’t expect D’Onta Foreman to be a factor in Houston’s offense until the 2019 season at the earliest. Am I being overly pessimistic?