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Watch Houston Texans Assistant Coaches Discuss Offseason, Upcoming 2018 Season

The mothership interviewed the Texans’ assistant coaches.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The worst part about writing on the internet is the internet itself. All too often, instead of enjoying the way the sun falls through the window or the hum of the fan while I sit in the bathroom or ignoring the books I can be reading, I’ll scroll aimlessly. In spite of all that life wasting and internet hanging around, I still miss things.

For example, last week I missed these little interviews the official site of the Houston Texans did with the team’s assistant coaches. Each one offers a little insight. They are quick, hot pockets molten in the center, and they also allow you, the fan, to remember and get acquainted with the men coaching your favorite players.

Below are the videos that were posted on the team’s account. Watch away, even though you should be sitting on your balcony, listening to the cicadas and frogs, enjoying the bites of mosquitoes before fall comes and turns everything brown and naked.

Anthony Weaver:

Sean Ryan:

John Perry:

John Pagano:

Anthony Midget:

Bobby King:

Mike Devlin:

Danny Barrett:

Brad Seely:

Romeo Crennel: