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Madden NFL 19 Houston Texans Player Ratings

If you play video games, this may pique your interest.

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The last time I played a copy of Madden it was 2010. I played with my roommate online on XBOX 360. We played with the Titans of course. TITAN UP, BABY. I played defense. We switched the sticks. He played offense. From there he would just zigzag up and down the field with Chris Johnson, one of the greatest video game athletes of all time, and then I would play zone coverage and rush the passer with Kyle Vanden Bosch (I wonder whatever happened to him).

I also moved the Texans to San Antonio and renamed them the Gunslingers in franchise mode, which is 100% a better team name than “Texans.” Aside from some consistent MVP Baseball 2005, I haven’t shot, or tackled, or killed much of anything for many years.

You are probably not like me, loyal reader. You are probably how I used to be, where the Madden release is an event. You take off work for it. You practice plays. You turn Deshaun Watson into a seven time MVP and six time Super Bowl winning quarterback. You live in a world where J.J. Watt never gets hurt; he and Jadeveon Clowney actually play an entire season together. Could you imagine?

So if you are unlike me, the latest Madden ratings should (1) pique your interest and (2) make you upset. The link to the full rankings is located here.

J.J. Watt is a 98. I forgot how much I missed watching him play. I don’t even know if he’s any good anymore...that’s how long its been. The next highest rated players are DeAndre Hopkins (94 overall), Tyrann Mathieu (93 overall), Jadeveon Clowney (91 overall), and Andre Hal (87 overall).

There are some hilarious rankings here as well. Johnathan Joseph is an 85 overall, even though he can’t cover anyone deep. Whitney Mercilus is only an 81 despite being one of the most consistent good pass rushers in football. Deshaun Watson is an 82, which as as the resident WATSON H8ER, I can get behind. Benardrick McKinney is a 78 despite being one of the best run-stopping inside linebackers in football. Ryan Griffin is a 75 despite being one of the worst tight ends in the NFL.

Oh, well. This ain’t like the old days where you would rock your chair on the front porch. Back then, the ratings you got were the ratings you got unless you wanted to do some tinkering. With the internet and updates, these things are fluid; hopefully as the season progresses, they will make more sense.

“Madden 2019” comes out August 7th or August 10th, depending on how much money you want to spend. In the meantime, you can scroll through the entire NFL’s player ratings here.