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Pro Football Focus: Texans Have The Worst Offensive Line In NFL

PFF hates the Texans’ offensive line again.

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans
Gonna need this guy to step up in a big way in 2018.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like this is the third article I’ve typed about the Texans’ offensive line and Pro Football Focus. I think they did one ranking each offensive line after the 2017 season and another this summer discussing pass blocking efficiency (whatever that means). Now PFF has released another article ranking every offensive line in the NFL. Once again, the Texans are ranked #32 on the list.

I’ve said enough about Houston’s offensive line. I think I wrote 13,000 words about it this past spring, but to reiterate, if Julie’n Davenport got strong and Martinas Rankin is healthy enough to start over Seantrel Henderson, Houston should be slightly below average at worst. If neither of those things happens, they should be in the basement, but the interior blocking should be good enough for the Texans’ line to not be as horrendous as it was last year.

Anyways, this is what Pro Football Focus had to say. Yes, I agree with their prospective depth chart:

32. Houston Texans


Left Tackle: Julie’n Davenport, 47.6 overall grade

Left Guard: Zach Fulton, 68.8

Center: Nick Martin, 44.9

Right Guard: Senio Kelemete, 48.3

Right Tackle: Martinas Rankin, 71.1* (2017 college grade)

2017 season-end rank: 32nd (no change)

After fielding one of the worst offensive lines we’ve seen in the PFF era, there’s little reason to think they’ll rank anything other than 32nd again this upcoming season. While injuries certainly played a role – and it’s likely center Nick Martin could bounce back from an ugly 44.9 overall grade last season – they’ve pinned their hopes to other team’s castoffs and a fourth-rounder from 2017 to protect Deshaun Watson.