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Houston Texans Cut Jeff Allen

Houston’s offensive line is going to look different this season (again).

NFL: Houston Texans at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After two up and down (but mostly down) years in Houston, Jeff Allen has been released from the Texans after having been PUP’d a few months ago, per Aaron Wilson.

Allen came to the Texans in 2016 as a free agent along with Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller. Reactions at the time were...let’s just say, “mixed”, but overall there was some optimism that Allen, Osweiler, and Miller could help finally turn this offense around.

Well...they turned it around alright. They turned it around so much, in fact, that this team did a full 360 instead of a 180 and just got even worse. Meanwhile Brandon Brooks and Ben Jones, who the team were unable to re-sign (or chose not to re-sign) that same year, went on to help solidify two of the best offensive lines in the league in Philadelphia and Tennessee. How’s that for value, folks?

I suppose that Allen and Brock’s arrival in Houston wasn’t all bad in the end, really, since the offense was so inept in 2016 that it prompted Houston to trade up for Deshaun Watson just one year later, but still...seeing Brooks continue to be a dominant guard in this league while Jeff Allen was...well...Jeff Allen, kind of made this whole “roster rebuilding” process that much more painful to watch.

We wish Allen luck in his road back to good health, and I sincerely hope that his next team can get better production out of him than Houston ever did.