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Andre Johnson Impressed With Texans’ Wide Receivers

Game recognize game.

Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans - October 1, 2006 Photo by Bob Levey/NFLPhotoLibrary

I love Andre Johnson. You love Andre Johnson. When Andre Johnson speaks, we listen to what the man has to say. Last week the Houston Chronicle spoke to Johnson about the current group of Texans’ wide receivers, and the first inductee into the Texans’ Ring of Honor been especially impressed by Will Fuller V, and newest Texan, Keke Coutee.

This is what ‘Dre had to say about Will Fuller V:

“Man, he’s flying. He ran a few routes in practice the day I was there, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ Him being healthy, I think will help them out a whole lot because they’ll have two guys who can stretch the field.”

This is what AJ80 had to say about Keke Coutee:

“To see the kid Keke, how he is and how much he can help them in the return game, great receiver. So, they have a lot of talent in that room.”

Even DeAndre Hopkins weighed in on the Texans’ rookie wide receiver out of Texas Tech.

“He’s only getting better. He’s always hanging around, seeing what I’m doing in between periods, asking me questions. The guy can play football. That’s going to take care of itself. Coming in, learning this offense, getting in his playbook, and that’s what he’s been doing.”

You can read both articles by clicking the links above.