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2018 Hall of Fame Game Live: Bears v. Ravens

It’s kind of sort of the first game of the NFL season.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp
Yes, but are you elite?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It’s already August. I heard somebody say they can’t believe it’s already August yesterday. These are the same people that say this in May or June or November. I don’t really care. It just kind of happens. It’s not a surprise. The Hall of Fame Game being on tonight is no different. It’s here. Cool. This is usually the preseason game with the most non-starters in it. The starters may play one series, if that. The only good Hall of Fame game was in 2002, when Jeremy Shockey murdered the Houston Texans in their kind of, sort of first game in franchise history.

Tonight won’t come close to replicating that miraculous endeavor. But if you want to chase that dragon on your couch and if you are going to watch, the game is between the Ravens and Bears, starting at 7 p.m. CDT.

It will be broadcast on NBC. If you want to watch online, you can find it on NFL Game Pass,, and fuboTV.

This is your open thread to discuss the match-up in real time.