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Houston Texans Injury Update: Jadeveon Clowney Is Back

Clowney is back in action after standing around on the sideline.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Back in January, Jadeveon Clowney had his knee cleaned up to celebrate his first NFL season starting 16 games. Since then, we haven’t seen him play at all. He’s been on the sideline. He’s briefly discussed his return to the field and his contract situation, something that still hasn’t been resolved. Things finally changed yesterday. Clowney put on the pads and walked out onto the football field again, where he should remain until Week One when the Texans play the Patriots.

Aaron Wilson reported Clowney’s return and had the following quotes from the Texans’ starting outside linebacker.

“I’m good to go. I’m ready to go. My knee feels great. It felt great. It’s been feeling good.

“It’s very important to get out there and get some live plays, because I’m going to be getting out there with the guys I’m going to be playing with during the season. We need to get our chemistry together, and I haven’t been out there with them. So for me to get out there and get going, it’ll be great for me. I’m good enough to play.”

“I don’t really pay any attention. It’s all about football and trying to win games. Super Bowl, that’s the goal. All this working out during the offseason and training and getting in shape and eating healthy is all for one reason, and that’s the Super Bowl.”

So Clowney is (1) healthy, (2), wants to play on Saturday, and (3) only cares about the Texans winning a Super Bowl instead of his new contract. Beautiful. Perfect.

Additionally, Bill O’Brien said every healthy Texan should play this Saturday afternoon against the Rams n Houston’s third preseason game.

Typically this is the dress rehearsal where the starters play for two, sometimes even three, quarters in order to be fully prepared for the upcoming regular season. We could see Clowney on an actual football field, instead of just the practice field, as early as Saturday. Damn, that feels good to say.