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An Update On J.J. Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Here’s what Watt has done and accomplished with the money he received this past year.

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Last year Hurricane Harvey didn’t just rip through Houston to torment the rest of Texas. Instead it sat over the city and rained and rained and rained, causing the majority of the area to flood, destroying homes, damaging schools, and changing lives.

With Houston laying in a sea-sized puddle, with thousands of residents suffering, J.J. Watt used his platform to raise money to help the city with much needed relief efforts. The goal started small and quickly compounded into the millions. When the money was finally counted, Watt had raised more than $37 million. That total has since grown to $41.6 million.

That money has gone to repair homes, rebuild daycare facilities and school programs, toward distributing meals and medicine, and providing health services to those affected.

If you want more information, flip through the tweet Watt put out below. It goes into more detail on how the money was spent, the amount of people where helped, and how the rest of the money has been allocated for future use.