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Houston Texans Injury News: Seantrel Henderson Should Be Ready For Week One, Will Fuller Still Out

Here’s an injury update as the Texans enter their final preseason game.

NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Entering this week’s final preseason game, we have some new injury information. The first two are important; the second one is a sidenote to a grueling game.

The first is that expected starting right tackle (because Martinas Rankin missed the majority of training camp), Seantrel Henderson, should be ready for the regular season opener against the Patriots. He didn’t play last week in the Battle of Los Angeles. He hasn’t practiced either.

It turns out he had a noncancerous cyst removed. Gross. I didn’t even know cysts could be cancerous. Now I can’t stop remembering and seeing that cyst-popping video I saw a GIF of four years ago. I need to dig deep in my brain and see what other images it connects to. Gerald Murnane has ruined me.

The second bit of news is that Will Fuller is still out. He didn’t play last Saturday, and he didn’t practice on Monday. He’s still recovering from a strained hamstring. Hopefully this is all it-doesn’t-feel-great-but-I-could-still-play instead of some future lingering pain. The Texans need Fuller to beat New England.

The last one is that linebacker Ben Heeney had season ending ankle surgery. Normally I wouldn’t even mention it, but he’s one of those guys who would have played a lot on Thursday in an attempt to keep the dream alive. Instead, the dream is on hold. He won’t play again for the rest of the season, even though he probably wouldn’t have played again to begin with.

That’s it. Aside from these three injuries, the Texans are pretty much set for tomorrow night’s game, and maybe, just maybe, they escaped the entire preseason without an apocalyptic injury.