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Final Score: Texans 14, Cowboys 6

The preseason is now over. The regular season has officially started.

Dallas Cowboys v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

You ever watch a great movie that leaves you unsettled, or listen to a record that evaporates the hairs in your ears, and then when you try and discuss, try and explain how you feel, all that comes out is jibber-jabber? Your words, they don’t make sense. There hasn’t been enough time to think and compartmentalize what was experienced. The universe cracked open like a mouse hole, and for a brief second, just a splash, you saw underneath the facade your eyes present to you. So you sit around and wait, think, and chew. All those thoughts flickering through that pink sponge start to quiet. The unimportant gets sifted out. Baby, you are a gold miner. What remains is what’s important, what actually matters, what you can’t forget.

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After watching a game this riveting, this incredible, this is exactly how I feel. My brain is jumbled. Just too much happened. It meant too much. It was too important to quickly explain and etch quick thoughts to. I need more time. I need to go for a walk, go to sleep, and see what remains in the morning.

The Texans won. They beat the Cowboys. The preseason is over. The rest is yours to discuss what just happened. I, on the other hand, need more time.