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Houston Texans Sign Greg Mancz To Two-Year Extension


Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Yesterday afternoon, the Houston Texans extended Greg Mancz for two more years. The details of this contract haven’t been released yet.

Earlier this offseason, the Texans placed a second round tender low round tender on Mancz to ensure he would remain in Houston despite his restricted free agent status. The Texans’ back-up interior offensive lineman has started at both center and guard in Houston, but with Zach Fulton and Senio Kelemte signed to play guard this offseason and Nick Martin’s ankle working again, Mancz has been relegated to the bench.

This re-signing is interesting. Mancz has been adequate at both guard and center positions. He’s been better at center, however. Unless the Texans are running a predominantly outside zone heavy run scheme, Mancz doesn’t have the size to move the mountainous defensive clogs in the run game. The Texans have Martin under contract for two more years, but with his injury history, it’s important to have someone on the roster who is competent. Mancz has been slightly more than that.

Additionally, if Kelemete turns out to be a complete disaster, the Texans could cut him after this season and save $2.5 million in cap space. If both Martin and Kelemete are strong and play well, it doesn’t really matter that Mancz is around. But injuries can always happen. Having a player who can play both guard and center is extremely valuable.

I don’t know how much Mancz will play this season, or if he will play at all over the next two years. The contract he signed will probably be for about $8 million over two years; if it is, that will be a nice deal for a utility player who can sub in and play well if the fire alarm is pulled. The Texans did a good thing by doing this thing.