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2018 Houston Texans Training Camp: Texans Release Their Unofficial Depth Chart

The Texans play their first preseason game on Thursday and release their first depth chart as well.

NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Things are moving fast. The Texans play their first preseason game this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and at the end of last week they released an unofficial depth chart, which has always been strange to me. Isn’t it an official depth chart if it’s released in this manner? An unofficial one seems like something written on a tan stall bathroom door, not at

Anyways, below is the UNofficial depth chart.

Like all things in life there are a few surprises. Here are my thoughts on it:

—The offensive line depth chart looks how I expected it without Martinas Rankin around. Both Senio Kelemete and Zach Fulton can play either guard position. I assumed Fulton would play next to the weaker tackle, and without Rankin here, Seantrel Henderson is the lesser of the two tackles. Also, please pray for Rankin getting healthy quickly. Henderson is probably going to be a disaster. He was terrible when he last played. He last played in 2014. Hopefully Rankin will be ready at the start of the season, and will be available in case things are 4th of July watermelon levels of sour come week one.

Ryan Griffin has been one of the worst tight ends in football over the last few years, but there he is, despite a new general manager, sitting as the top tight end on the roster. Behind him are Houston’s newest draft picks, and surprisingly, Stephen Anderson is even behind MyCole Pruitt. Anderson can get open, but can’t block, and hasn’t been good enough in the redzone, but fourth, sheesh, that’s unexpected.

—Like Griffin, Alfred Blue won’t go away. The plodding sturdy back is still here as the team’s second running back until D’Onta Foreman’s return. I guess what’s never alive can never die.

—I read Jester Weah as Lestar Jean. I spent way too much time today thinking about the past.

—Based on the depth chart it looks like Aaron Colvin is the team’s slot corner. This is the same position he played in Jacksonville. It would be strange if Houston kept Colvin, who will probably be their best cornerback, in the nickle role.

—This is the first time I can remember Houston not going into training camp without a position battle at the kicker position. I didn’t think Ka’imi was that good last year, but hey, it’s nice to have some stability. Also the only thing I care about for the rest of training camp is Trevor Daniel knocking Shane Lechler off and out of here. The Texans’ punting unit has been one of the worst ones in the league since he’s been around. Coordinators and personnel have come and gone, and still, it suffers. The one constant is Lechler. I’ve been ready to see someone else punting in Houston for the last three years. Hopefully this time it finally happens.

—I’m so happy Tyler Ervin is still here as the kick returner. I can’t wait for more faceoff kick returns. Will Fuller V is one of the most underrated punt returners in football. I’m glad they’re looking to keep their best punt returner returning punts, regardless of the potential injury pitfalls. That’s how bad Houston’s special teams have been.