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Could Dez Bryant Snub The Cowboys By Joining The Texans?

One national columnist believes the former Dallas diva could be catching passes from Deshaun Watson soon.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill can be strong this time of year. With all sorts of potential scenarios flying, it’s easy to get excited about the various possibilities running rampant in pro ball media.

One involving your Houston might actually have legs—or more appropriately—hands.

According to writer Jeremy Bergman, there’s a legit chance Dez Bryant could be dressed in battle red and deep steel blue, catching passes from Deshaun Watson before the sun sets on August. Bergman predicts:

Texas forever: Dez Bryant stays in-state, signs with Houston

Dez might have lost the star on the side of his helmet this offseason, but the Texas native won’t be leaving the Lone Star State. Bryant has flirted with the Browns, Ravens and (purportedly) anonymous teams he’s not letting on about, but before August ends, Bryant will be a member of the Texans, the third receiver in an athletic trio of high-pointing ball-wranglers. Houston’s current WR3 options are Braxton Miller and Bruce Ellington. And the second wideout behind All-Pro freak DeAndre Hopkins -- the speedy, dynamic Will Fuller -- is injury-prone, to say the least. The Texans have reportedly experimented with moving Fuller all around the formation, and Bryant would be a sturdy cross-field companion to Hopkins, with Fuller taking on more of an X-factor role.

Houston has the cap space and flexibility to make it happen and meet Bryant’s short-term demands. This move also allows Bob McNair to one-up Jerry Jones in the war between Texas’ football barons. Win, win, win.

While the personality/character rumors of Bryant’s off-field persona don’t exact blend with Bob McNair’s Captain-America-Meets-Eagle-Scout player profile, it’s hard to deny having Bryant teamed with DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller V, and Bruce Ellington would make Houston’s receiving corps into one of the most dangerous in the league.

Now, if only Houston could wrangle a few of those Dallas offensive linemen away from JerryWorld.

Would you welcome Bryant with open arms? Or do you not want any part of this idea? Have someone else in mind? Put your GM hat on and tell us what you’d do in the comments.