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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: Let’s All Sit Around and Worship Cats and Chris Stapleton

Tonight’s the night for feline fine. Yeah that was lame, but you’re at home, in your undies, watching cat videos on Youtube, so don’t judge me.

12th Annual ACM Honors - Show
One of the best in the business right now. Don’t @ me, bro.
Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for AMC

Hello, my fine friends. It’s Saturday night, and we’re here together eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s tilt against the Titans. Tonight’s the night for cats and Chris Stapleton, two worthy topics that should get all of our time, money, and devotion.

Anyone who’s been here for a while knows I’m a crazy cat lady. Y’all might not know, however, that I love bluegrass music. I was introduced to Chris Stapleton relatively late in his career, when he was already nominated for Grammys for “Traveller,” and have been on a Chris Stapleton-kick since then. I’m a little bit of a nerd, so rather than playing some of his music videos, I’ve chosen to embed his NPR Tiny Desk Concert, where he plays “More of You,” “When the Stars Come Out,” and “Whiskey and You.” Other songs I’d recommend are “What are You Listening To?,” “Your Man,” and “Death Row,” as well as his work with The SteelDrivers. If you’re really into what you’re hearing, his wife, Morgane Stapleton, has a few songs out herself.

Tomorrow’s the Titans, but tonight, chit chat about whatever (except your dislike of cats and/or Chris Stapleton, because, well, we know everyone here loves both), though standard commenting rules do apply.