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Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Titans 20, Texans 17

Oh-Oh. The Texans start the season 0-2 after losing to their division rivals.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Texans are 0-2 to start the 2018 season, a season where, with the talent on the team, and the roster at full health to begin the season, the expectations were playoffs at a minimum. Instead they are in a hole that teams rarely crawl out of to make the postseason after losing to their country cousins in Tennessee who were led by Blaine Gabbert at quarterback.

In this one, the Texans failed to cover the gunner and gave up an obscene special teams touchdown. Failed to manufacture offense in the first half, until a deep Will Fuller V touchdown pass tied the game in the second half. From there the Titans kicked two field goals, the second of which happened on a 5:36 drive where Houston’s defense couldn’t stop the run. It gave the Titans a 20-17 lead and Deshaun Watson only a minute with zero timeouts to tie the game. The drive ended at Tennessee’s 17 yard line, but without timeouts, Houston couldn’t attempt a game tying field goal.

Next week the Texans play the Giants in an attempt to resuscitate their season.