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What Happens To Bill O’Brien If Houston Falls To 0-3?

How hot is his seat?

Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Both the Houston Texans and New York Giants are 0-2. They are entering as much of a must-win as you can get in the NFL if your goals is to make the postseason. Only 11.1% of all 0-2 teams make the playoffs. Only 3.3% of 0-3 teams make the playoffs. Going 0-3 isn’t a death sentence. It’s just a wrongfully convicted murder charge cleared by DNA testing fifteen years in the future.

Because of this start and losing to Blaine Gabbert (who didn’t even play with Tennessee’s two starting tackles or its starting tight end), previous murmurings under the Earth are starting to become wails and howls regarding Bill O’Brien’s job. He was extended shortly after last season despite going 4-12 because injuries ruined 2017 and O’Brien turned the offense into a green-tailed meteor with Deshaun Watson at quarterback.

This season, the context has quickly changed. The Texans are (1) healthy and (2) talented. They should have played better against New England, and they should have beat an empty Titans squad. The expectations for this season were playoffs at a minimum. With a loss this week, those expectations may already be derailed.

I know it’s only Tuesday. We are a long ways from Sunday’s game, and we’re even longer from an 0-3 start. But with all the wails, and with those who used to be in O’Brien’s corner now leaving him out in front of dumpster, I have a simple question.

If the Texans do lose to the Giants, if they do fall to 0-3, should Houston fire O’Brien in an attempt to save the season and give the job to Romeo Crennel? Or should they stand pat and assume things will get better, with the assumption that O’Brien is the long-term man for the job regardless of a three game losing streak that just happened to occur at the beginning of the season?


Should Houston Fire Bill O’Brien If The Texans Go 0-3?

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