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Houston Texans Claim Three Players Off Waivers

The Texans got some guys you probably have never heard of.

NFL: New England Patriots-OTA Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Things are shaping up quickly around the NFL. This weekend is like the last minute of half of Chopped, where the camera zooms up close on some chefs’ sweaty faces as they prep plates, scurry to plop sauces on things, grab stuff out of the oven, and it’s always super theatrical, even though I imagine they are done way before the clock hits 0:00; I think they hang out, sit around, and smoke cigarettes with each other, which is a prerequisite of being a chef.

Anyways, before the practice squad is announced here in a second, the Texans made a few waiver wire claims. Houston had the fourth ranking in waiver wire claims thanks to last year’s 4-12 record. The Texans used all this power to snag running back Greg Howell, and defensive backs A.J. Moore and Natrell Jamerson.

Howell is a former running back of the Miami Dolphins. Jameson was a fifth-round draft pick of the Saints a few months ago. Moore and Jameson are was an undrafted free agent. The Texans are cutting Troymaine Pope, Kurtis Drummond and MyCole Pruitt to make room for these three guys. Hang out and refresh the page for a little bit longer to get that sweet practice squad action.

UPDATE: Some background from the team’s PR department: