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2019 NFL Strength Of Schedule: Here’s Where The Texans Rank

Things will be tougher in 2019.

NFL: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

You might recall reading somewhere about how your Houston Texans’ had the easiest schedule in the NFL last year. Although we won’t know the order of opponents until the regular season schedule is released in about two months, we do know who the Texans will be playing in 2019. So with the caveat that analyzing strength of schedule based entirely on the regular season records of teams from the previous season is by no means foolproof, it does appear that the Texans won’t have nearly the alleged cakewalk in 2019 they had last year.

According to this article by CBS Sports’ John Breech, the Texans are projected to face the fifth toughest regular season slate in the entire NFL. Some of that is due to the AFC South featuring three teams that posted winning records in 2018. Some of it is due to the Texans playing a first place schedule in 2019 (after they played a last place schedule in 2018 by virtue of their 4-12 record in 2017). Some of it is due to the Texans facing the AFC West (especially the Chiefs and Chargers) and, to a lesser degree, the NFC South (namely the Saints) next season.

In any event, the Texans’ 2019 schedule does look stout. Do you put any stock into this strength of schedule analysis? Or do you believe it’s nothing more than fodder for offseason content on February 21, 2019?