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2019 NFL Mock Draft: There’s No Way The Texans Would Actually Do This

Paying attention to the Texans helps when offering advice on what they should do in the NFL Draft.

NFL: Pro Bowl Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, on the NFL Network’s “Path to the Draft,” they decided to try a new twist on mock drafting with “what teams SHOULD do.” How that varies from what teams will do is a little confusing, but not nearly as much as the actual pick mocked to the Texans. Adam Rank actually suggested the following:


Josh Jacobs - RB

School: Alabama | Year: Junior

I know you need some help in the secondary. You could probably use some help on the offensive line, as well. Get yourselves a stud running back, please. I’m done with Lamar Miller and all of the other nonsense. Go with Jacobs. He has some work to do in pass protection, which is fine. But the dude is a beast as a runner and he can catch the football. He would give you a nice little trifecta to go with Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. Don’t be afraid to be great. Make this move!

The first thing that jumps out as not wholly accurate was, “You could probably use some help on the offensive line.” When your team is ranked DEAD LAST in an area, you can definitely use some help.

Next up: “I’m done with Lamar Miller and all of the other nonsense.”

You know, Miller, the only player in NFL history to break two 97-yard runs in his career, the latest behind the aforementioned worst ranked offensive line? Lamar Miller ain’t the problem.

The third head-scratcher of this selection is expecting just about any team to draft a running back in the top 25 in a pass heavy league during a defense heavy draft class. If you were one player away, and that player happened to play running back, and you needed a running back who needed to work on his pass protection skills, then yeah, maybe Jacobs is your pick. But Houston is not that team. At the end of the day, Houston might be more inclined to go after Penn State’s Miles Sanders or Ohio State’s Mike Weber, well outside the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

With so many mock drafts out there, it’s hard to not think some writers/TV personalities just make stuff up based on limited knowledge when they get to teams they aren’t wholly familiar with, but they do get paid to do this. It’s hard to believe that penciling a running back in for the Texans in the first round is a legitimate attempt at figuring out what the team will or should do in two weeks.

Can you foresee a scenario where a running back in round one is a good idea for the Texans this year? Give us your feedback in the comments section.