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2019 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Mock Draft

The masthead joins together to produce a Texans-only seven round mock draft.

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We’ve made it to the highlight of the NFL offseason—the NFL Draft. 32 players from who form college football’s most elite talent will be drafted into the NFL with the hope of changing a franchise for the foreseeable future.

The Texans hold the seven picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. For this mock draft, the Battle Red Blog writers claimed one pick for the Texans and made a selection based off of the other writers’ prediction from the round(s) before them, all the way through the seventh round.

Here is a list of the Texans’ current selections and the BRBers who made the picks.

1 (23): Luke Beggs

2 (54): Matt Weston

2 (55): Brett Kollmann

3 (86): Jeremy_Brener

5 (161): Kenneth L.

6 (195): Matt Weston

7 (220): Kenneth L.

With the 23rd pick in BRB’s 2019 Houston Texans Mock Draft, Luke Beggs, on behalf of the Houston Texans, selects:

Greedy Williams (CB—LSU)

In this scenario, I’m imagining the three major tackles (Andre Dillard, Jonah Williams and Jawaan Taylor) are all off the board by the time the Texans go on the clock at No. 23. Rather than picking an offensive tackle I am not strongly enamored with, I would look to focus on the excellent talent available at the CB position; namely, Greedy Williams.

Williams offers the Texans strength at a position that is currently lacking any particular strength. He also offers them depth and potential longevity in terms of the ability to have a plan at the position beyond this year. As a player, Greedy offers a lot in terms of athleticism and deep speed, things the Texans’ secondary has chronically lacked for the past couple of years.

With the 54th pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Matt Weston selects:

Kaleb McGary (RT—Washington)

This would be the dream draft for me. The Texans get a possible CB1 in the first round, finally finding cornerback talent that extends past this season. They also find themselves a starting right tackle in the second round.

I’m in the minority on McGary. He’s the best run blocking tackle in this class by far. He can make every block. He can play outside/inside zone. He can pull. He can move the first level. He can block the second level. The physical strength, athleticism, and footwork are all here.

There are pass blocking issues. He turns the gate way too often and doesn’t meet edge rushers to the point of attack often enough. Yet he should be better at it then he has been because of what he shows in the run game. I think a NFL coach can clear out his pass block problems. McGary is like Dalton Risner if Dalton Risner could actually play football.

Also, right tackle is a greater need for Houston than left tackle; well, this season anyways. As hilarious as a Matt Kalil versus Julien Davenport position battle sounds, Seantrel Henderson being penciled in to start at RT is even more egregious. Henderson hasn’t been healthy for three seasons; even when he was, he was terrible. McGary can start at RT from Day One, and the Texans will finally have a solution to Derek Newton’s patella tendons.

With the 55th pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Brett Kollmann selects:

Darnell Savage (FS—Maryland)

There has been some talk of Savage going in the first round, but considering how deep the safety class is this year, I would not be surprised if he slipped to the late second round instead. I don’t mean that as a knock on Savage, but more so just as a complement to the safety class as a whole. I think wherever Savage ends up in the NFL, he’s going to produce like a first round player; in Houston, he would probably be the best safety we’ve had since prime Glover Quin.

Savage can do everything you want a modern safety to do - play centerfield, man the slot, and even play some Will linebacker every now and then to handle running backs in coverage. You name it, he can do it, and I think the Houston secondary is in desperate need of someone like that.

To me, Savage is the exact same player that Tyrann Mathieu is supposed to be.

With the 86th pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Jeremy Brenner selects:

Justin Layne (CB—Michigan State)

The Texans draft a potential CB1 of the future in Layne, a 6’3” junior from Michigan State. He’s physical and fast -- two desperate needs for the Texans secondary. Layne is a former receiver who can keep up with the speediest of wideouts, something currently lacking in the corner depth on the team.

The Texans might need to snag him in the second round to ensure his place in Houston, but there is a chance he stays on the board when the Texans go on the clock for the third time on Friday night.

With the 161st pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Kenneth L. selects:

Benny Snell (RB—Kentucky)

One cut, everyone knows the rules. The 5’10”, 244 pound running back is the Wildcats’ all-time leading rusher and has been one of the best running backs in the SEC for the past three seasons. A third down back through and through, Snell replaces Alfred Blue as the Texans’ short yardage, got-to-have-it back.

The Texans are casually desperate for running back depth behind veteran Lamar Miller and rehabbed D’Onta Foreman. Snell did not catch the football much at Kentucky; it showed in the NFL Combine as he didn't possess natural catching abilities. Still, Snell’s sturdy frame make him a tough guy to bring down, especially when he lowers his shoulders for a big hit. He could help out on special teams, though not as a return man. If the Texans were to add Snell, it would be as a third down back and special teams contributor that has potential and time to grow into a more versatile athlete.

With the 195th pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Matt Weston selects:

Drew Sample (TE—Washington)

Darren Fells is on the roster to block on a one-year contract. It looks like Ryan Griffin will have to battlefight to stay on this team. The Jordan rookies played well in the passing game when they were given reps.

Sample run-blocked really well at Washington, runs well, and could develop into a better pass catcher. The Texans have two tight ends who can catch and one who can only block, so why not take one who can run-block and maybe able to catch if given more opportuntities?

With the 220th pick in BRB’s Mock Draft, on behalf of the Houston Texans, Kenneth L. selects:

Martez Ivey (OT—Florida)

If at first you’re surprised that you recognize a name this far down the mock draft board, you are not alone. Ivey was a highly touted recruit out of high school and has been the Florida Gators’ left tackle for several years. Although he may have underperformed compared to original projections, Ivey is a stash and save tackle that the Texans can develop into a quality left tackle.

This late in the draft, teams are looking for anything they can get their hands on that appears to be a diamond in the rough. Ivey would be a backup left tackle for the Texans, and with the tutelage and training the Texans can provide, he could turn into the best seventh round pick the team has ever had.

This draft was definitely interesting to watch unfold. Three defensive backs and two offensive tackles added to the roster . A needs-oriented draft indeed. If McGary is still on the board in the second round, that may the best best value pick of the draft. If this secondary haul of Williams, Savage, and Lane grows together, the Texans would be loaded for the next four years in the secondary.

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