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2019 NFL Draft: Reacting To The Tytus Howard Pick

Courtesy of professionals and random fans.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice
The Texans’ latest first round draft pick getting worked by Montez Sweat.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

So...Tytus Howard, huh? I did not see that one coming. Let us attempt to wrap our minds around what happened. First, however, I want to share some relevant and insightful tweets and analysis about the pick. As they are in fact relevant and insightful, you know they’re not from me.

The most important thing to remember for Texans fans, in my humble opinion, is this:

That can be tough, but it’s so necessary. Last night was one of the best nights of Tytus Howard’s life, and we shouldn’t begrudge him that for one second. Besides, no matter how hacked off you are about the pick, you have to dig Howard’s reaction to the news he’s coming to Houston:

Look, Tytus. I wish no harm to any gorilla. I just want you to lay down your life for Deshaun Watson. And know this: Brian Gaine most definitely has bet on you.

More from the man himself:

Come for Brian Gaine, knowing a camera is trained on him, justifying the pick to the rest of the Texans’ brass as though he’s playing the President of the United States in a movie and delivering an ominous order to his Cabinet. Stay for Bill O’Brien and Cal McNair congratulating Tytus on his new gig.

Now for some reaction from people who actually watch film and can speak intelligently about the Texans’ newest tackle, as opposed to the rabble like us whose default emotions toggle exclusively between the extremes of ecstasy and agony.

Lance Zierlein:

You like Duane Brown comps? I like Duane Brown comps (and not just for the irony).

Jim Nagy, who runs the Senior Bowl, which was where Gaine reportedly first fell in love with the Alabama State product:

Our own Brett Kollmann:

And finally, our own Rivers McCown:

How does all that make you feel? Better? Worse? Still unable to fathom how the Eagles jumped one spot ahead of the Texans for Andre Dillard? Fire away.