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Three And Out: 2019 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Predictions

Here’s who we’re picking to win this weekend’s playoff games.

Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Well folks, here it is, the best football weekend we get. Even though this is a Texans site and we are Texans fans, it doesn’t mean we can’t rally around the rest of the NFL with a pocket full of shells, take a shot at picking games, and enjoy the only good thing to come out of January. Here are our picks for this weekend’s games.


Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—So long, Indy, and thanks for the quick out.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—Rams. Dallas has too many weaknesses.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—This might be the best game of the season (or the one I’m looking forward to the most). Nobody beats Tom Brady at home (TM). I’ll go Chargers in the upset.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--Philly’s secondary won’t be able to hang against New Orleans, and this one won’t be close.

Luke Beggs:

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—Pat Mahomes gonna throw it over that secondary and into the AFC Championship Game.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—I’m feeling frisky. I think Dallas’ defense is sneakily good enough to hang with the Rams’ offense.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—Screw Tom Brady. Philip Rivers 4 lyfe.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--I refuse to believe Nick Foles can lose in the playoffs.

Matt Burham:

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—The Luck runs out. Mahomes shows why he is MVP. Chiefs 33-24.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—Jared Goff is Jared Off. The Cowboys’ defense gets a score. Cowboys 27-21.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—Death, taxes, and the Pats at home in the playoffs. Patriots 30-23.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--Not Foles’ gold, but the Brees is just too strong. Saints 38-27.

Uprooted Texan:

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—I can make an argument either way, but I think the baby horses are more balanced than the Chiefs, whose defense is somewhat questionable. Colts win 37-30.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—(EXPLETIVE) Dallas and its associated suburbs forever. Rams win 28-17.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—Sigh...I have nothing else. Just sigh...Pats win 24-13.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--Who dat? Brees dat. Saints win 36-24.

Matt Weston:

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—There’s a path to Indianapolis winning this game. Controlling the ball, running it down the worst run defense in football’s corpse, surviving the inescapable Patrick Mahomes onslaught, ghosts from Kansas City’s past coming to haunt the Chiefs, a one score game, and Andy Reid. It’s there. The Colts can win this game. It should be close. I just like the all-time great passing offense against a Colts’ secondary devoid of a spectacular pass rush more.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—This one will be close too. Like the Colts, the Cowboys can win in a similar fashion. The difference is the Rams need to run the ball to win. Their offense and play action passing game is based around the run. Jared Goff can’t win games by dropping back over and over again and getting past his second read. The problem for LA is the Cowboys have one of the best run defenses in the league. They have the ability to devour a banged-up Todd Gurley. If Dallas hogs the ball, Amari Cooper breaks something, and Ezekiel Elliott tramples a crappy run defense, the Cowboys can win. I’m just not quite there yet.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—This is the worst Patriots team since 2007. The beginning of the end of Tom Brady is here. Aside from a brutal power run scheme, the Patriots aren’t great at anything aside from throwing the ball, and they no longer have the best passing offense in football. The Chargers do everything better than New England does. A Patriots pick is a home team pick based on everything that’s happened in the past. These Chargers were different in the regular season. They finished in the top five in late/close game situational offense and defense. They’re 8-0 outside California. They can make field goals. They’re 6-1 in one score games. Phil finally beats Tom. The Chargers finally win a close playoff game.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--There’s no need for facts, objective truths, or strong assertions when you have faith. Something happened here last year, that I chalked up to fun with small sample sizes and Nick Foles playing two good games. This year it feels like something is happening that I don’t understand. That reality is a fragile thing. We are all just souls on a quantum plane everywhere all at once, and right now we are in one where Foles does the impossible again. With Foles, the entire Eagles team has come alive, and their secondary has gone from horrendous to incredible in three weeks. I’m sticking with New Orleans; they’re the better team, they’re at home, and this can’t happen. This can’t be happening. OMG. I think it’s happening.

Diehard Chris:

Indianapolis Colts 33-30 v. Kansas City Chiefs—The Chiefs’ defense is bad, and I don’t see any reason the Colts can’t go toe-to-toe the way they’ve been playing.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams 26-23—If the Cowboys can pressure Jared Goff consistently, they could potentially pull the upset. I just think in the end the Cowboys aren’t that good and the Rams’ recent “struggles” are a bit overblown.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots 24-23—The Patriots aren’t “The Patriots” this year, which is too bad because I think the Texans actually had a legit shot to beat them in Foxborough this season. Ol’ country-a$$ Phil is gonna take it to New England all day. The Chargers win it on a late field goal.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints 38-20—I picked the Saints to win the Super Bowl at the start of the season and I see no reason to change that prediction now. The Saints roll in this one. Philly and Nick Foles’ magic was fine against the mediocre Bears, but that sh*t ain’t gonna fly in New Orleans.

Capt Ron:

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City Chiefs—Luck shows young Mahomes how it’s done in a bit of a shootout, and the underrated Indy defense closes the deal.

Dallas Cowboys v. Los Angeles Rams—The Rams pull away early and never look back. Sean McVay proves that today’s head coaching in the NFL is the opposite of whatever it is Bill O’Brien has been doing in Houston.

Los Angeles Chargers v. New England Patriots—Rivers drives a dagger into the heart of the Patriots and finally brings that dynasty to an unceremonious end.

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints--Drew Brees gets the Saints the win they need in a game where the scoring is lower than expected.

Mike Bullock

Indianapolis Colts v. Kansas City - The Chiefs prove to everyone that Houston really did play that poorly last week by exposing the truth: Andrew Luck might be good, but the rest of the Colts not so much. IND 17 KC 42

Dallas Cowboys v. LA Rams - Pete Carroll and the Seahawks shot themselves in the collective foot last week. Don’t expect that from the Rams. The Los Angeles fans get their first big time win since the Raiders of the early 80s. DAL 27 LAR 31

LA Chargers v. New England Patriots - This should be a good one. I have a feeling there’s something special in Phillip Rivers cereal and he’s going to force Tom Brady into multiple pouting sessions on the Chargers way to the Super Bowl. LAC 38 NE 28

Philadelphia Eagles v. New Orleans Saints - #CauseBrees PHI 10 NO 38

What are your picks?