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Super Bowl Hypotheticals

Some members of the BRB crew discuss their most desirable Super Bowl matchups.

NFL: Combine
This trophy has to go somewhere in three weeks. But where?
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As we enter the Championship Round a few of the the Battle Red Bloggers shared their thoughts and opinions about potential Super Bowl matchups.

Matt Burnham:

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints. This game would be reminiscent of the classic Monday Night Football matchup of the Chiefs and LA Rams from earlier this season. High scoring and crazy entertaining. The MVP vs the potential MVP runner-up. Does Andy Reid finally get it done? Is this Brees’ best/last chance to win another ring and cement his legacy?

Diehard Chris:

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints. This is my top and probably most people’s top. Shootout potential, two great coaches, a great old-guard quarterback against the best-of-the-new-class quarterback.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams. Two new-class quarterbacks, two great offenses, potential for a lot of fireworks and predicting the winner of this game is a toss-up.

New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints. Two old-guard generational quarterback talents slug it out for what may be their last shot at a Lombardi Trophy.


Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams. This would pit two powerful offenses against two game-changing defenses. It would also have the appeal of pitting Patrick Mahomes against Jared Goff and Andy Reid against Sean McVay.

Mike Bullock:

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints. I expect to see this matchup. Arguably the two best teams in the league with franchise quarterbacks on opposite ends of their careers, Sean Payton can prove he won the last Super Bowl legitimately and get away from the Bountygate stigma while Andy Reid really needs to get out of the “Even Bill O’Brien’s teams look more prepared than my last Super Bowl roster” shade. Winner? Chiefs.

Matt Weston:

New Orleans Saints v. Kansas City Chiefs: My heart is on empty after the Chargers were crushed like that. Philip Rivers finally breaking past New England, the Patriots watching the AFC Championship game, oh hopes, oh dreams, all were demolished. The Chargers were down 35-7 at the half. Without this possibility, and me bellowing into my pillow, I just want to see the two best teams left in the Superbowl. Both the Saints and Chiefs dominated this season. The Saints by their offense and run defense, the Chiefs with their all-time great passing offense.