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Super Bowl LIII Odds, Prop Bets

Let’s waste our money and our time.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl. America’s holy day where we collectively band together and guzzle sacks of wine and gorge on dips, chips, chili, burgers, tots, pizza, roast beef, Chex Mix, and anything else we can get down our gullets. We yell, holler, and smoke cigarettes on the porch on the side of the house.

Some of us never remember it at all. Well, not me, anyways. For I am an intellectual with a notepad and glasses, taking in the memories of the BIG GAME because football is very serious and to be remembered. It should not be the stuff of faded spines and dusty pages in the shelves of memory.

Some of us like to think about gambling on the game. There are odds, prop bets, money lines, and lines. There are an infinite amount of ways to lose money, which also means to waste one’s time. Here are the odds as of today for next week’s BIG GAME. Good luck.

Or just let your imagination run wild. Where you waste your money and your time is up to you.

Current Super Bowl odds (at Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook):

Patriots -2.5

Total: 57.5


Tom Brady: 1:1, Jared Goff: 2:1, Todd Gurley 12:1, Sony Michel 16:1, C.J. Anderson 20:1, James White 20:1, Aaron Donald 20:1

First TD Score:

Todd Gurley: 15/2, Sony Michel: 15/2, CJ Anderson: 8/1, James White: 10/1, Brandin Cooks: 10/1, Robert Woods: 11/1, Julian Edelman: 23/2, Rob Gronkowski: 13/1, Jared Goff: 55/1, Tom Brady: 75/1, FIELD: 4/1

Most Rushing Yards:

Sony Michel: 12/11, Todd Gurley: 5/2, CJ Anderson: 7/2, FIELD: 75/1

Most Receiving Yards:

Julian Edelman: 3/1, Brandin Cooks: 7/2, Robert Woods: 4/1, Rob Gronkowski: 8/1, James White: 11/1, FIELD: 13/2

More Passing Yards:

Tom Brady: 6/7, Jared Goff: 7/1

Odds On What Color Hoodie/Shirt Bill Belichick Will Wear:

Blue: 2/3, Grey: 3/1, Red: 24/1, FIELD: 35/1