Game 6 - The Texans Overcome The Texans and Turn the Corner

The Texans were their own worst enemies for most of Sunday's 31-24 win over the Chiefs. How did they stumble - let me count the ways:

  • Carlos Hyde turned over a fumble on their first offensive play of the game
  • Deshaun Watson made a couple ill advised throws for interceptions
  • Watson made no less than 4 much better throws that should have been TDs that DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller treated like greased pigs
  • Ka'aimi Fairbairn missed his third XP of the season (not counting a miss earlier in the season wiped out by a penalty) and a very makeable long FG that did appear to come on a "laces in" situation. Now whether this forces Fairbairn to turn into a cross dressing detective who kidnaps dolphins and Dan Marino is unclear.

But many of the same Texans were the key to the comeback from a 17-3 deficit and a road win against a formidable opponent.

  • Hyde had his first 100 yd game for the Texans as he turned 26 carries into 116 yds and a TD.
  • Watson overcame his mis-fires and his receivers hands of stone to complete 30 of 42 for 280 yds and a TD, while also running for two critical TDs
  • DeAndre Hopkins did show his normally good hands on 9 catches including the 1st down catch on a 4th and 3 that put the game into "victory formation" mode
  • Fairbairn did hit a 44 yd FG and the fact that Coach BOB may not trust him contributed to the decision to forego a long FG attempt and go for it and seal the deal
There were a number of other positives on the day:
  • The Texans did not punt on the day
  • They almost doubled the Chiefs on time of possession as they played keep away from Pat Mahomes and his bum ankle
  • The two tight ends Darren Fells and Jordan Akins continued to be solid dependable targets snagging 9 of 10 targets for 108 yds
  • Duke Johnson had some nice runs and scored his first TD of the season on a reception from Watson
  • The defense held the Chiefs to 53 yds on the ground
  • Charles Omenihu's strip sack leading to a Watson TD run just before half may have been the difference in the game as it totally turned the momentum to the Texans
  • Tashaun Gipson's interception in the second quarter stopped the Chiefs from extending a 17-9 lead. (We will not talk about the fact that Mahomes might not have even thrown that pass if he knew the refs were going to wave off a flag against the Texans)
  • Coach BOB had a good game as an OC as the team sustained drive after drive and the cherry on top was his decision to put the game in Deshaun Watson's hands on 4th and 3
There were a few negatives:
  • The turnovers
  • Hamstring injuries to Tytus Howard and Bradley Roby
  • The fact that this was still a one score game despite the 2 to 1 time of possession, 35 to 20 first down edge and 472 to 309 yd lead by the Texans
  • The XP and FG misses and the fact that no one is sure which kicks Faribairn will make
  • The Chiefs did make 4 of their 8 third down attempts
In the end the Texans won in a place that is very difficult to win at and pulled a 1/2 game up in the division. They came off the disappointment of the Carolina game and have paired two good efforts for two wins in the last two weeks.
What did you think of Sunday's game and what it means for the season?