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Pumpkin harvest in Lower Saxony
lol it’s still like 95 degrees
Photo by Peter Steffen/picture alliance via Getty Images

It’s October and fall has supposedly been around for a three weeks now. lol yeah right. It’s still like 93 degrees. Even I, lover of the sun, and hellfire. Skin that begs to be torched into bronze, and a heart that gets wallowed down into the darkness and starts following funeral processions a few weeks into December is ready for it to be over. The ballpark is boarded up. I’m ready to drink some damn pumpkin beer, wear some sweaters, start running again, go backpacking soon, and change out the pillow cases from cotton to flannel.

It will never come. It’s going to be like this forever. Regardless, I’m going to give it a try. The clock can’t control me. It doesn’t even exist. Put on this album. Watch The Shining after finishing the audiobook. Drink a dark beer or seventeen. And then hopefully see Houston’s offense break out like that rash I got in the summer of 16’.

Anyways, this is your space to talk about whatever: the bravery you had to summon to see The Joker movie in theaters, the one scene that makes the entire movie worthwhile, Ad Astra and rocketmen, if I should get NHL 20 and waste my life away, and the new Menzingers album. The 2019 MLB Playoffs? psssshhh never heard of them. Also, if you haven’t, go back to the front page and give the game preview and D.J. Reader film room a read. I survive off clicks. I’m dying.

Just remember the standard commenting rules apply. Enjoy your Saturday night.