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Houston Texans Podcast: Holidays And Funerals (Texans-Ravens Review)

Matt and BFD break down the Texans 41 (???, yes, 41) to 7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We were young, so young, once. That was long ago. Before, we were glittered in golden light excitement for yesterday’s Deshaun Watson - Lamar Jackson showdown. Afterwards, we entered that mausoleum of all hope and despair, numb, tired and cold. Life becomes death. Birthdays become funerals. All hope and expectations end up in despair. We’ve learned these lessons before.

In this episode, Matt and BFD break down the no-call defensive pass interference penalty, the BIG problem with the Texans’ offense, why Deshaun Watson was sacked six times, nihilistic defensive feelings, Houston’s once again non-existent pass rush, Lamar Jackson’s passing distribution, how the run defense fared against what may end up to be an all-time great rushing offense, Thursday Night Football feelings, and we answer your beautiful and glowing listener questions.

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