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Houston Texans Podcast: Hot Dog Time Machine (Texans-Colts Review)

Matt and BFD break down the Texans’ win over the Colts and answer your questions, loyal reader.

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Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Texans played Thursday night. We’re talking about it. We’re keeping a complete catalog and documentation of the Texans’ 2019 season here. No, this is not a blog or a message board. This is a very serious journalistic operation we’re running. Close your eyes, hit play, imagine you’re full of lips, tongues, and feet, and you’re back to where you were at last week.

In this episode, BFD and I discuss last Thursday’s win, including topics like ESTABLISHING THE RUN, how do you know if you’ve established the run, can you even establish the run, what you do after you establish the run, Frank Reich’s game plan, the Texans rediscovering their deep passing offense, Jacob Martin’s juice, and most importantly, we answer your questions. Please leave whatever you have for us in the comments below, no matter how profound or silly; we will get to them during this evening’s show.

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