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Houston Texans Podcast: Week Fifteen NFL Preview (Texans v. Titans)

Week Fifteen. Texans-Titans. Giants-Dolphins. Rams-Cowboys. Bills-Steelers.

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Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

All things fade into dark, green water by the lake. Mistakes were made and that’s the heart of this pain. The 2019 season is suffocating. Soon it will all be over. Soon football will come to an end. Soon we will find out if Jameis Winston can clinch the triple crown, if we get a Week 17 AFC South Championship Game, and if we get a Texans-Bills playoff game.

I couldn’t take that final one. My heart is already weak enough as it is.

It’s Week Fifteen of the NFL season. In this episode, we break down the prequel to the AFC South Championship, banter about the Dolphins, listen to a certain someone get upset about his certain football team, and JOSH ALLEN DEFINITELY LOOKS TO THROW AND NOT TO RUN.

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Let’s start the show.

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