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Report: Texans Will Not Hire General Manager For 2020 Season

The structure will reportedly remain flat.

New England Patriots Training Camp Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Texans finally beat the Patriots last night. We will get to that later today and all day tomorrow before turning our attention to the Broncos. That thing we’ve all wanted to happen finally happened. Celebrate.

But before that, before Sunday Night Football, Ian Rapoport reported the Texans will not hire a general manager after this season.

As stated in that report, Bill O’Brien has final say over the roster and works with Jack Easterby, Matt Barzigan leads player personnel, and Chris Olsen manages contracts and the salary cap for Houston. It was widely believed that Houston would pursue Nick Caserio again, which they did last offseason until a tampering allegation prevented Houston from taking Caserio out of New England.

That tune has changed. Houston is now expected to keep the same flat organizational structure with a slight hump in it. The Texans apparently feel like what they’re doing is working. This is an important decision since Houston will soon be maneuvering around the end of Deshaun Watson’s rookie contract, Laremy Tunsil’s impending free agency, a lack of draft capital, and what should be $70+ million in cap space to improve the roster in March.

That’s all for the future. For now, the Texans beat the Patriots last night. That’s the only thing that matters.