Who Are Those Guys?

This is going to be a Dan L P - abbreviated - I'm on vacation writing about a game I didn't see - summary of a game I'm glad I didn't see.

Back in that western classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid there is a point where they are being pursued by an unknown insatiable posse and multiple times use that iconic line "Who are those guys?"

In a different context Texan fans are using that same line about their favorite frustrating team. "Who are those guys?"

  • Are they the guys who played very well against some of the better teams on their schedule (Saints, Chargers, Chiefs, Pats)?
  • Are they the guys who laid a total egg in their highest profile games of the year vs. the Ravens?
  • Are they the guys who made Tom Brady look old and confused?
  • Are they the guys who can make newbies like Jackson and Loch look like vets? OK Jackson looks transcendent against everyone.

All we know is we can't wait for them to grow up.

The Texans were blown to smithereens by an inferior team at home on Sunday. Sure they had more first downs, ran for more yards and came close on passing yards. BFD.

They were out of this game early with the Broncos up 14-0 in the first after the revenge lateral return by Kareem Jackson after a Kekee Coutee fumble. Denver kept the pedal to the metal the whole first half and the first drive of the second half to roll to a 38-3 lead before coasting to an easy 38-24 win that was never ever that close.

The Texans lost because:

  • They squandered some early promising drives with that Coutee fumble and a couple more false start penalties (he had 3 in the first half) by Larami FS Tunsil.
  • That did not score in the first quarter for the umpteenth time this season, but in a twist allowed the Broncs to barrel out to the big lead
  • They were sliced and diced by the Broncs QB and OC who noticed the best way to beat the Texans is to throw early and often
  • They lost the Turnover game within a game - never a good sign
  • They lost the sack game within a game - never a good sign
  • They allowed the other team to take their team out of the game
  • They never woke up until there was no doubt about this game
Again, who are those guys? You could see a Pats hangover as a possibility- a slow start to this game or whatever. But a total beatdown?
They certainly can grab hold of their own destiny with two games against the Titans on the way. But do we trust them to do well in more than two games in a row?