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Incompletions: Texans-Broncos (Kareem Jackson’s REVENGE)

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and person isn’t enough to write about it all, the masthead joins together and writes about the letdown after the climax.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images


If you’re surprised by this outcome, you haven’t been paying attention to Texans’ football in the Bill O’Brien Error (sic).

This team is as equally likely to be blown out as it is to be on the giving end of such a game. The offense always starts as if its brain dead. Carlos Hyde up the middle, much?

Defensively, this type of game has been there for the taking all season. We were extremely lucky to play Kyle Allen instead of Cam Newton, Gardner Minshew instead of Nick Foles, an injured Patrick Mahomes, a stupid Frank Reich, and Tom Brady without a decent receiver.

The Texans have been one of the luckiest teams in the NFL. Want more proof? The Texans points differential is now +8, and they are 8-5. The Chargers are +3 and are 4-8.

The BE-SFs could pull into a virtual tie with us this afternoon, and we play them twice more. I believe that, if we don’t win the division, we do not make the playoffs.

For a team with Deshaun Watson who has gone all in for 2019, that’s a sad joke.


I want Bill O’Brien gone. This is the third time this season that the Texans wet the bed the week after a big win. I’m convinced that BOB is not the guy. I want Romeo Crennel gone. All of our CBs are at their best when in press man, and while I understand we can’t run it every play, we can’t continue to play 20 yards off the WR’s and give up 7 yards per play. He even calls that in the red zone. I’m tired of seeing average quarterbacks like Drew Lock look like prime Aaron Brady. The only way the Texans don’t get pounced in the first round of the playoffs is if they play the Steelers, but even then it’s not guaranteed. I don’t trust this team to win. This game was embarrassing to watch.


This entire franchise is a tease. Every time you get excited they know how to bring you back into the bayou. It’s embarrassing, it’s infuriating, and it’s unprofessional. Position by position we are better than that team. I disagree with Kenny, this is on Romeo Crennel. You can’t come out one week with possibly the best defensive scheme this franchise has ever seen and the next week run the most vanilla defense I’ve ever seen. There was no matchup based play, there was no juice, there was no creativity. I don’t know what to say about the penalties. That’s just unacceptable at this level. That’s just focus and paying attention. Sadly, we’ve seen this type of play from BOB run squads, so there isn’t much to say that we havnt seen before.

All I can say is, “they are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook”


I’ll just let this speak for itself:

”I don’t think there was anything very good,” O’Brien said. “I take full responsibility for that. Just did not have this team ready to play. Thought I did. But I thought wrong.”


I was on the road in the beautiful Texas Hill Country enjoying some amazingly good weather while collecting my wine club allocations from a couple of wineries during the Texans game. I listened in on the radio broadcast to the first series for each team and just knew where this game was heading, so I turned it off and took my time sipping wine and enjoying the landscape views surrounding Fredericksburg with some friends. I would take a peek at Twitter and the game logs every 20-30 minutes only to be horrified at what was obviously taking place at NRG Stadium.

I probably won’t replay the recording of the game when I get home, because there are limits to the type of train wreck that draws any curiosity. No, I won’t watch it. What I will do is ponder how anyone who is a so-called “professional” can look themselves in the mirror after that type of performance. If the Texans coaches and players were airline pilots, the planes would be smoldering holes in the ground with many lives lost and facing NTSB investigations. If they were doctors, there would be malpractice lawsuits forming across the city. If they were, well, you get the idea.

Other “professional” people are held to a higher standard of performance or they, and often those around them, face significant consequences. Not the Houston Texans. Oh no. They can go get blown off the field in Miami or Atlanta or even in their own house by a 4-win team with a rookie quarterback in his second NFL start and they just jog off the field and take a shower, shrug their shoulders and cash those big checks. “Awe shucks, maybe we just weren’t prepared today.” It’s a damn good thing pilots and doctors don’t approach their professions like that on any given day.


[ding ding]



I’ve seen a lot about the negativity toward the Texans and O’Brien - and maybe it’s over the top sometimes, but whatever. The Texans never win big games with O’Brien - and suddenly, this year they have. But he’s replaced that now with losing to teams they shouldn’t lose to, and having the team look inexplicably unprepared. Sure, that has been the case in the past too, but it’s just so maddening to have a team win at KC, beat the Patriots, but also lose to the Panthers and Broncos at home. To me, that’s coaching, that’s game-planning, and that’s preparation. But it plays into what I have already accepted as a reality - Deshaun Watson is good enough to carry Bill O’Brien to playoff wins, and O’Brien will not lose his job if that continues on an annual basis. In fact I think there are VERY few NFL teams that would mess with that situation.

Watson and O’Brien together, in my opinion, have a limited ceiling. Unfortunately though, they also have a very “high floor”... and this feels like where we will be for the foreseeable future without the ability to get elite talent in the first round of the draft for the next couple of years.


I don’t care! The Texans beat the Patriots!