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Bill O’Brien Discusses The Changes To The Texans Coaching Staff

Here is what the head coach has to say about his newest employees.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Yesterday the Texans announced their new coaching staff.

The problem with these moves is that it’s hard to know anything about them, where the coaches came from, their progression, why they were hired, and most importantly if they’re any good or not. O’Brien opened up on this yesterday on the Texans Podcast at Houston O’Brien spoke to Marc Vandermeer and Greg Harris to discuss the coaching staff.

In the podcast he talks about:

—Tim Kelly’s progression and why he was hired

—Why Carl Smith was brought in

—What the Texans look for in coaches, young ones especially

—The work Will Lawing, the Texans new tight ends coach, did in Houston previously

—The scheming T.J. Yates and Akeem Dent did to get an opportunity to coach in Houston

—Lifting weights with Brian Cushing, and the end of his playing days

—Coaching staff continuity

—Collaborating with Brian Gaine and the importance of communication between the head coach and general manager

Eat that sandwich and give it a listen.