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Clue to Houston Texans Poor Clock/Game Management?

Who’s in charge here?

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

“When everyone’s in charge, no one is in charge.” - key leadership principle

For everyone who’s been scratching their heads over some of the poor in-game decisions made inside the two-minute warning or when the game is on the line, this tweet quote is a light bulb sort of moment. Anyone who has ever been part of a decision-by-committee scenario knows nothing happens quickly.

If you’re trying to execute a two-minute offense, or get the right personnel on the field quickly but your team leaders are standing around looking at the sideline with utter frustration dripping from their body language, you might be running a decision-by-committee organization aka the Houston Texans.

Waiting for two or three guys to spitball what play to call next in situational, live fire NFL games is a sure way to lose when the heat is on. Which explains a LOT about what’s happened with the Houston Texans over the last six seasons.

When the lights are on and the nation is watching, a mind with high-processor speed that has the skill and expertise to call the right play and do it quickly is going to give their team an edge. The one that doesn’t is most likely going to lose.

Add up the Sunday/Monday Bight Football wins and losses, then the playoff wins and losses and apply the “Decision By Committee” metric and the only possible outcome is not good.

But, there’s hope!

And that hope comes not in the form of newly minted Houston Texans offensive coordinator Tim Kelly or recently hired Bengal Killing Coach T.J. Yates.

In fact it doesn’t come from anyone on Houston’s coaching staff at all, but from the guy wearing the #4 jersey.

Deshaun Watson to the rescue!

One of the greatest improvisors in NFL history is former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre. The knock on Favre is he was a river boat gambler of sorts, always willing to throw the low-percentage passes in the hopes he could will them to succeed.

Watson has been compared to Favre more than once, but over his first two seasons in the NFL has learned to reign in his own inner George Devol.

If we add Watson to the Decision By Committee Committee, then give him veto power (because, really, Bill O’Brien isn’t insane enough to bench Watson for freelancing...) then the Committee becomes a group of advisors and Watson can be the winner he’s always been.

What do you think of play calling-by-committee? Have a better idea? It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, Arm Chair Coach Day and National Lame Duck Day, after all.