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2019 NFL Draft: Todd McShay Has The Texans Selecting...

Yes, more mock drafts. I want them all.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Before roster cuts, dead money mangling, free agency, and the NFL Draft, it’s all about mock drafts, eating tape, and soothsaying. Todd McShay, this tanned warlock, this orange sorcerer, watching players and projecting the future, has finished his own mock draft. And he as the Texans selecting, wait for it, wait for it....

Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt*

This is what he had to say:

Man, the more tape I watch, the more I like Williams. He’s a long press corner with some strong ball skills. After Houston allowed an eye-popping 62 sacks of their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2018, offensive tackle might be a heavier lean here, but with the top three already gone, the Texans opt to replace Kareem Jackson instead.

I like it because it’s a defensive back, even if I don’t like his reasons for it. Jackson would play safety if he stayed, which he should over Kareem Jackson, and once again, the secondary was a bigger problem than the offensive line last season. Box score scouring can only get you so far. I don’t care who the defensive back is right now, but as long as its a defensive back, I love the pick for Houston.

What do you think about Joejuan Williams? Have you watched him before. Enlighten me in the comments below.