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2019 NFL Free Agency News: Jason Verrett To Visit Houston

Free agency started today. This is all that happened.

San Diego Chargers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Monday and Tuesday was unofficial free agency. The NFL’s tampering period. Today free agency officially popped off. The moves made on Monday and Tuesday were solidified as the truth, as actuality, and with this turn of the tear off desk calendar came the release of Blake Bortles, Mark Ingram signing with the Saints, Tevin Coleman signing with the 49ers, Cameron Fleming resigning with Dallas, and Earl Thomas moving to Baltimore.

When it comes to the Houston Texans pretty much nothing happened today. The team has a little more than $50 million in cap space and they are just sitting on it. Letting it fester. Looking for bargains and smart to deals to make.

One thing did happen. Former first round pick and San Diego Charger Jason Verrett is set to visit Houston after visiting San Francisco and will then hop in the private jet to go to Kansas City.

Verrett didn’t play a snap last season. He shredded his Achilles in July during a conditioning test. The year before that he sat out after week three to have knee surgery. This surgery was done on the same knee that knocked him out of 2016 because of a torn ACL. Verrett has played only 25 games in his career. The Texans are once again looking to buy low without a long term commitment to improve their cornerback group.